28 Feb 2018

rubin8 ... What's in a name?

rubin8 enables marketers to engage audiences, make better decisions and drive behaviour by leveraging the power of digital game-play.

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28 Sept 2017

The difference between data and insight.

Data is the raw observation that is typically stored in a database. In this state, data does not allow one to make any decisions. A key problem with data is that it contains noise. To make decisions you need to understand the noise and find a way to cope with it.

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19 July 2017

Understanding the view of customers through gamification.

Most businesses think that they know their customers. They potentially know their name and other contact details. However, do not necessarily know their customer’s attitudes or opinions towards their service. Even worse than not knowing this, is that many businesses believe, as fact, that knowing a customer’s view is impossible.

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10 May 2017

In a world where almost everything is digitalised, it’s not surprising that companies are starting to use the power of game based marketing to change consumer behaviour for the better. It’s well known that an addictive game can manipulate the subconscious mind, and challenge the player to become physically and mentally involved in order to complete a task or ‘level up’…

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